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Audition Information for:  Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare 

Directed by Betty Diamond

Auditions: Monday & Tuesday, May 8 & 9, 2017.  Details below.

Performances:  September 8 – 23, 2017 at the Bartell Theatre, 113 E. Mifflin St., Madison. 

Play Description

Shakespeare’s first known tragedy, TITUS ANDRONICUS was the most frequently produced of Shakespeare’s plays during his lifetime.  Today, it is one of his least frequently produced shows.  MTG wants to change that!  Set in Ancient Rome, the aging Titus Andronicus returns home from war victorious over the “barbarous” Goths, only to realize that Rome itself is “but a wilderness of tigers.”  Titus is a violent play about violent times and could easily be performed with blood and gore spilling all over the stage.  That will not be this production.  The focus here will be on the hard and painful emotional truths of the play. 


The Romans:

Titus Andronicus:  a warrior, a loyal Roman, a man of honor, 50s-60s.

Marcus Andronicus:  Titus’ brother, 50s-60s.

Lucius:  Titus’ son, a noble warrior, 20s-30s.

Lavinia:  Titus’ daughter, a victim of rape and mutilation, 20s-30s. 

Bassianus:  a noble warrior, betrothed to Lavinia, 30s.

Saturninus:  the Emperor of Rome, Bassianus’s older brother, ruthless, 30s-40s.

Young Lucius:  Titus’ grandson, 9-12.


The Goths:

Tamora:  Queen of the Goths, a brilliantly evil manipulator, 30s- early 40s.

Demetrius: Tamora’s son, a rapist, late teens.

Chiron:  Tamora’s son, a rapist, late teens.

Aaron, the Moor:  a warrior, the most villainous of villains, 30s-40s.  Note: "Moor" was a term applied to North Africans, Sicilians, and some living in the Iberian peninsula.

There are a number of smaller parts, some of which do not require speaking.  If you’ve ever wanted to be in a play, or if you’ve been in lots of plays, don’t have very much time, but would love to be part of this very special undertaking, playing one of those roles might be just the way to do it!


Auditions:  Monday, May 8 and Tuesday, May 9 -- 7:00 – 9:00 each night -- at the Madison Theatre Guild Firehouse, 2410 Monroe Street, Madison.  If you can't attend either, contact the director ( 

What to prepare: Please prepare a 2-minute Shakespearean monologue or sonnet.  It does not have to be memorized.  Actors will also be asked to read a short selection from the script.  These selections ("sides") are available by email upon request to the producer (

Please bring a completed AUDITION FORM

Casting Decisions:  Casting decisions will be made as soon as possible.  Please be patient.  We will contact everyone by phone or e-mail.  In addition, the cast list will be posted on the Madison Theatre Guild website shortly after people are notified. 

Rehearsals will begin Monday, July 24th, and will typically be Monday – Thursday, 7:00 to 10:00 pm, at the MTG Firehouse, 2410 Monroe Street, Madison. 

Please contact the director, Betty Diamond, with any questions: